Upload CSV

Uploading a Local CSV datasource

What is a CSV datasource?

A CSV file refers to a comma-separated values file on your local computer that contains the location of images to be used in a data set. Images are specified in the form of URLs where the image resides.

Read more about How to Prepare a CSV for Upload.

Adding a Local CSV Data Source

Once you have a CSV specifying your image file locations, you can add a Local CSV data source in Sense.

Upload Files via CSV
  1. In the "Sources" tab of your project, click "Add Source"

  2. Click the "Upload Files via CSV" option

  3. Select the Delimiter from the drop-down. A delimiter is the character that separates columns in a CSV file. By far the most common delimiter is a comma (,), but sometimes tabs, semicolons (;) or pipes (|) are also used.

  4. If your CSV has multiple columns, you will need to enter the column name in the URL Column Name field. This is the column name where the URL for the file is listed.

If you have only have a single-column CSV then you can leave the Delimeter drop-down set to the default comma (,) delimiter.

4. Click "Choose a file" button to select your CSV file, then click "Upload File"

Here is a typical example of a CSV file with a comma (,) as a delimiter. "The URL Column Name" would be image_url

1,Maple Tree,https://extension.unh.edu/sites/default/files/styles/2x_blog_main/public/field/image/maple-tree-in-park-110661300191011Zru.jpg

How to Prepare a CSV for Upload

To use a CSV of image URL for your data set, you will need a file containing a list of URL/file URI paths to your images.

Sample CSV with only URLs, separated by line breaks:


If there is more than one column in your CSV, you will need to make sure there is a header. You can then specify which column contains the URLs when adding your data source.

Check out this sample CSV file showing a header is used. This would be uploaded with "url" as the column header: