Welcome to Sense

One end-to-end platform to simplify AI for video, IoT and edge deployment

The Sixgill Sense platform unifies and streamlines all the complex steps in end-to-end machine learning.

Add compute nodes and cameras

Nodes manage video data ingestion and model deployment of the cameras assigned to them.

Add a new camera and assign to your node to start capturing video

Create training clips from camera video data

Select training clips from your recorded segments.

Create a training clip from a video segment.

Label training data using HyperLabel

Turn the clips into sets of training data and use HyperLabel to label them.

Send training images to HyperLabel for labeling

Train ML models with your data sets

Add a new model version and start a training run with your labeled data sets.

Deploy models to your camera, sets of cameras, or an entire node

Easily apply your model to your desired cameras .

View detections from your model in real-time

Analyze the effectiveness of your model with real-time detections and model output.

Monitor your model's performance over time

Charts and graphical data make it easy to spot trends in detections.

...and more.

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