Welcome to Sense, the end-to-end AI platform that simplifies all your machine learning projects.

We have many Sense platform features coming soon that will make your management of the entire AI lifecycle easier for all your video, IoT and edge deployments.

Sense Data Annotation features include:

Coming soon we’ll be offering advanced platform features that will include IoT device management, live video feed collection, cloud and edge model deployment, one-click model training, AI-assisted labeling, custom rules and reporting… just to name a few!

New features

See our new video tutorial showing how to use Sense Data Annotation features:

Check out our SmartPoly AI-assisted labeling tool, an automatic rectangle-to-polygon creation feature that will accelerate your polygon labeling time.

As of 12/01/2020, Sense now supports dataset splits when exporting your labeled data!

Learn more about dataset splits here.