File Name Filter Guide

This updated feature is coming soon.

File Name Filter is an optional field to filter files within a data source by name. Sense uses glob file and path name patterns to find matching files.‌

For example, say your data source contains the following files:


If you wanted to select all files under the “images” folder, you would enter: images/**

To select all files under the “june” folder, you would enter: **/june/** or images/**/june/**

And lastly, to select all files with the name “car” in them, you would enter: **/car* or **/*car*

A few caveats:‌

1. This field is case-sensitive.‌

2. If you do not include the * character, the field will strictly match file names, that is, neither june nor images/ would match any of the above files.‌

3. The forward slash "/" file path character must be included with ** if your files are in sub-directories. *car* will not match any of the above files, and neither will */car. Only **/car will return images in this case.‌

You can see more on grep here, as well as more examples on glob pattern matching here.