Model Deployment

Our user interface is currently undergoing an extensive redesign affecting features across all our plans. This legacy section is aimed as a reference for those using the old Sense interface.

You're ready to deploy your model to a live camera!

Before you get started, be sure that you have an un-deployed version of your model prepped with a labeled data set and ready to go.

  • In the ML tab, select your model.

  • In your model's "Deployment" tab, click "New Deployment"

  • Select the Model Version you want to deploy.

  • Optionally, use the "Pre-select Cameras from a previous deployment" drop-down if you wish to deploy to cameras that were already used in a previous version. This will automatically select the cameras used in that version. You will be able to add additional cameras in the next step.

  • Click "Continue to Select Cameras for Deployment"

  • Select the cameras you want to deploy your model to. If you want to run multiple versions of the model simultaneously on a camera, check the "Run this model version simultaneously with camera's current version" checkbox.

  • Click "Continue to Advanced Configuration". Set the labels you want to deploy and various stream settings.

  • Click "Continue to Deployment Check". This step checks the available resources on your node prior to deploying.

  • The Deployment Check will display an indicator of your node's resource status

    • A yellow status circle indicates that the node is low on resources.

    • A green status circle indicates that the node has enough resources for deployment.

  • Click "Save & Deploy" to deploy this version.

Once deployed, it will take a few minutes for the model to start up and begin detections. Click the "View" link under the Actions column to see any detections from your video stream.