Installing the Node

Use your Sense dashboard credentials to log in to the Sixgill registry:

$ docker login

Run the node, replacing NODE_KEY with your node key:

$ docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name sense-node ingest -u -e rtmp:// -t -k NODE_KEY

That's it! This will pull and run the sense node image. You should see the container listed when you run docker ps

Additional node options

node [command]Available Commands:
help Help about any command
ingest Ingest video streams for backup and filtering via ML modules.
stream Run stream pipelines based on config
upload Example of how to upload a file to an existing blob.
-g, --gpu-transcoding Whether or not to leverage GPU transcoding.
-h, --help help for node
-k, --node-key string The node api key to use to authenticate with the server.
-e, --rtmp-publish-endpoint string The addres of the upstream RTMP publish location. (default "rtmp://localhost:1935/stream")
-s, --sync-interval duration The interval at which to hearbeat to the upstream and check for configuration changes. (default 30s)
-u, --upstream-addr string The address of the upstream sense-pipeline gRPC service. (default "localhost:9090")
-t, --upstream-tls Whether or not the upstream is secured with TLS.