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Reach Edge Agent

A guide to installing the Reach Edge Agent for gateways


The Reach Edge Agent is a lightweight version of our production system's pipeline in an embeddable version for edge computing. It is designed to run on "gateway" devices that aggregate and processes data from sensors. The Reach Edge Agent can serve many use cases such as reducing networking costs by only propagating exceptional events or preserving privacy by taking actions on data that never touches the cloud. Reach Edge Agents can be configured via the Sixgill Dash or Sense API enabling dynamic capabilities on the edge.


The Reach Edge Agent is provided in a binary form. For access, please contact Sixgill Support and request access to the agent, and let us know which platform and architecture to target. Windows, Mac, and Linux are currently supported.


The Reach Edge Agent runs as a binary on a "gateway" device. To start the agent run the following command:

reach-edge-agent gateway -parent-address="" -api-key=MY-KEY-12345
Flag Description
parent-address Parent (defaults to Sense production) instance API URL
api-key API Key retrieved from the Sense Dash

By default, the Agent's listening port is 5000. This can be changed by exporting environment variable SENSE_INGRESS_PORT and setting a different port.

Running the binary, with the proper flag values, registers the agent with the parent instance making it visible in Sense Dash. Once running, the agent will auto-update its internal set of rules and configuration settings while listening on the given port for incoming sensor data. The agent operates using the same REST API interface as the Sense Ingress API. For example, to register a device with the agent:

curl -X POST http://localhost:5000/v1/registration -d `{
  "apiKey": "12345ABCDEF",
  "properties": {
    "model": "iPhone",
    "type": "iOS"

To send event data to the agent:

curl -X POST http://localhost:5000/v1/events -d `{
  "timestamp": 1529462707,
  "locations": [
      "timestamp": 1529462707,
      "latitude": 43.09569324585551,
      "longitude": -77.5658711003336,
      "velocity": 12.2,
      "course": 77.9,
      "accuracy": 10.4

Check out our documentation on Rules to get a full sense of what's possible with the Reach Edge Agent's edge computing capabilities.