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Data mapping to help you make Sense of your data

In order to provide the most optimal rule evaluation and analytics features, the data coming through the channel need to be mapped to specific data types. This mapping is done using schemas assigned to each channel. A schema defines what the fields in your sensor data payloads represent. For example, you may want to define that a specific field is an integer so that you can trigger a rule when that value reaches above or below a certain threshold. Mobile devices (iOS, Android) that connect using the Reach SDKs will use predefined schemas which are automatically assigned to the iOS and Android channels. No additional configuration is needed for mobile devices that connect using the SDK.

For all other devices connecting to the platform using an IoT devices channel, a custom schema is required. Since any kind of data can be sent, and it is recommended that you generate the IoT schema based on your event payload. Once your schema is defined you can assign it to a channel to begin streaming events. You can update a schema if necessary at a later time.

Creating a Schema

To create a schema through the dashboard

  1. Go to Channels

  2. In the left sidebar under Schemas, click + Add Schema schema add schema

  3. Name & Details - Enter a name for the schema in "Name" field

  4. Define Fields - Use this section to specify the format of your schema Here is a simple example: To define a schema for a JSON payload such as


    add each attribute individually under the Define Fields section.

  5. Click Add new attribute

  6. In the Attribute Location drop-down, ensure that "root" is selected

  7. In the Attribute Identifier field, enter "data" -In the Data Type drop-down, select "Object"

  8. Click Create Attribute

  9. Next, add the second attribute named "tempF" the same way, selecting "data" as the Attribute Location

  10. Add the final attribute named "humidity" in a similar manner. When finished, click Create Schema Your schema should look like the following: schema json example

Schemas can also be managed using the API.

Assigning a Schema

Once you are satisfied with your schema, you can assign it to an IoT channel which you can then use to connect your devices.

  1. Go to Channels
  2. In the left sidebar, click + Add Channel
  3. Select IoT Devices
  4. Enter a name for your channel, then select your Schema in the drop-down
  5. Click Create

Your schema is now assigned to this channel. Note: at this time that you cannot change a schema that a channel is assigned to. You will need to create a new channel.