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Sense API

The Sense API is a RESTful JSON API that allows developers to access the majority of the Sense platform’s functionality, such as:

  • Creating and managing user accounts within the organization
  • Configuring data channels and projects to organize rules and collections of data streams
  • Defining landmarks around areas of interest for geographical-based triggers
  • Specifying additional data attributes or time constraints for evaluation
  • Building rules around these various conditions and the corresponding actions to be executed

Endpoint: | Sense API Docs


The Sense API authenticates requests with a user-specific JSON web token through Bearer authentication.

To get this token, the user makes a POST /v2/login request with their email and password combination. These are the same credentials used to log into your account on the dashboard.

Ingress API

The Ingress API is a key component that allows data ingestion into Sense, enabling devices to connect to the Sense pipeline for event.

  • API supports both JSON and Protobuf formatted data
  • Allows mobile (iOS, Android) and generic IoT devices to register with the platform
  • Mobile devices post sensor data payloads to the Ingress mobile endpoint, sending device location, power and activity state, and readings of nearby beacons and WiFis
  • IoT devices post sensor data payloads to the Ingress IoT endpoint

Endpoint: | Ingress API Docs


To register with the Ingress API, devices POST /v1/registration info and a valid API Key, which can be found in the dashboard under the Channels section for the appropriate channel. On successful authentication, a JSON web token is returned along with the ID for the organization it's registered with.